Computer Lab

GCES has three main computer laboratories with a total of 70 computers all featuring some of the latest processors, running Windows and GNU/Linux Operating Systems. Two of the laboratories are used for classes while the third one is for intensive research and development work. These laboratories help the students get hands-on experience in what they are learning. We prepare them to face the demands of the fast growing, fast changing technology and opportunities. In addition, GCES features with a new conference auditorium hall equipped with multimedia facilities like projector and audio/video devices. The college is equipped with broadband Internet access which helps the students learn beyond what is taught in the class rooms.

Electronics and Physics Laboratories

Almost all of the research and practical activities for the core computer science are completed in the computer laboratories. But for a few courses like the Electronics and Physics laboratories are used. The Electronics laboratory is well equipped with all the latest technology devices essential for the laboratory work. This laboratory serves for designing from simple logic systems to a basic digital computer. The physics experiments are conducted in the same laboratory.