Being a non profit organization, GCES supports academically bright and needy students with financial assistance to students. Scholarships are awarded to academically bright, economically disadvantaged, but intelligent and self-motivated students. These scholarships are provided primarily after an evaluation of students’ previous academic records and their financial needs as assessed by the scholarship committee.

GBS Scholarship

These are awarded to ex- GBS scholarship students who have demonstrated exceptional intellectual and personal qualities in academic areas.

Local Scholarship

These are awarded to economically disadvantaged students who are from the local areas like Lamachaur and Batulechaur.

Academic Awards

Merit based scholarships are also awarded to a number of students based on their academic achievements, performance, and their involvement in other educational activities. Each year, academic scholarships are awarded to students based on their performance in the college entrance examinations and their previous academic records. Academic award will be provided in 10:1 ratio. Students securing SGPA less than 3.0 will not be eligible for academic award.