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Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) is a tertiary education facility in the beautiful city Pokhara. It was founded in 1998 and officially inaugurated in 1999. The college runs under the non-profitable Public Education Trust and is affiliated to Pokhara University, located inside the premises of Gandaki Boarding School (GBS), Lamachaur, Pokhara. Currently, the college offers Bachelor’s Engineering program in Software Engineering (B.E. Software) and Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computer (B.E. Computer) in Bachelor’s Level, and Master of Science in Information System Engineering (M.Sc. ISE) degree in Masters of Science (Information System Engineering) program. The college is a non-profit institution owned by the Ministry of Education—Nepal and is managed by the GBS/GCES public education trust. GCES has always been driven by the mission of becoming an international centre of academic excellence with its motto "Knowledge, Character, and Service". Our program prepares students for different areas in the field of Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and specialized field of Information Systems Engineering. They not only prepare students to excel in their subject matters, but opens wide domain of ideas and knowledge, values, and research skills. A unique feature of our academic programs is the focus in projects and practical along with a sound theoretical background. Students utilizing this opportunity are exceptionally well prepared for industry jobs, imparting with entrepreneurial skill, research skills. GCES is refining engineering education via the integration of methods, research projects and creative learning.



First of it's kind

Established in 1998 A.D, GCES is the first Software Engineering College of Nepal. The first to start this coveted course in Nepal, we are the pioneers in the field.


Suited For Learning

Located in Lamachaur, Pokhara next to Gandaki Boarding School, we have a quiet environment and an ample space around our premises, best suited for learning and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, we have fully updated resources like labs and library for the students to make the most out of college hours.


Portfolio & Faculty Members

GCES boasts a large portfolio of students working for reputed Organizations and ventures in the field. Our Faculty members are a team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable professionals who are eager to share their insights with their students.


Research based study

At GCES, we believe in a research-based study. We provide students with the necessary reference materials, conduct workshops, and hackathons. Students are also assigned to their own projects in respective faculties every year which promotes practical education, research, and teamwork.

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Admission open for limited seats in BE Computer !

Required Documents :
1. Grade sheet of SLC (Class 12) or entrance card.
2. Passport size photo.
3. Application fee(NRs.:1500) payment voucher scanned copy/cash deposit statement in the name of
Gandaki College of Engineering and Science, Prime Commercial Bank, New Road,
Pokhara Branch, Acc. No. : 13501407CA.

Entrance Exam : 2079 Mangsir 16 (December 2)

Fee structure here

Entrance Exam Curriculum here