From class size to library size and the facilities that are available, there are loads of aspects to consider when deciding what your criteria are for college academics.

The College building is equipped with facilities of modern amenities like modern computer labs, and other required labs, library with sufficient books, and a digital library, well equipped ICT Center, sporting facilities and a Swimming Pool.

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  • Classrooms Classrooms are spacious, well- ventilated with natural light and adequate electrical facilities. Ergonomically designed furniture, teaching aids like LCD, OHP etc. are used in the teaching-learning process. The spirit of classroom training encompasses the fundamentals of theoretical and conceptual learning through interactive sessions of case studies, assignments, quizzes and presentation by students.
  • Computer Lab & ICT Center Along with the labs and workshops as per required by the curriculum, GCES has an excellent IT infrastructure with modern Computer Labs and good Internet facilities. It has Computer Labs with specialized Proprietary and Open Source software as per needed by the curriculum. Along with the computer labs, it has an ICT centre with modern facilities in which virtual class, seminars, workshops can be conducted.
  • Library GCES has an excellent and well-organized library with a lot of textbooks and reference materials including quite a large number of rare technical books provided by our supporters from home and abroad. To maintain up-to-date information in a wide range of disciplines, the library subscribes to various national and international journals, daily newspapers and monthly magazines. The state-of-art library includes a computerized library information system and an extensive collection of e-books, software tools, CDs/DVDs.
  • Recreation and Sporting Facilities The college administration feels that recreation and sports activities are equally essential for students. GCES has basketball, football, volleyball, badminton courts and table-tennis tables. Various sporting events are organized by different batches of students every year. Special cultural programs are also organized around the year also which provide the students with an opportunity to perform stage programs like- songs, drama and poetry, dances.
  • Industrial Relations Exposure to real projects in the real working environment is essential for students before they complete their study and apply for a job. Hence, industrial relations are essential to impart what students really need to do. GCES has very good relations with industry from which student can have industrial exposure and experiences. Experts from those companies/industry make regular visit to the college for the special workshops/training/seminars.
  • Scholarships Government Scholarships: GCES provides scholarships on both undergraduate and graduate level as per government rule, and these scholarship students are selected by the Pokhara University. Apart from government scholarship, GCES provides scholarships to the academically bright and needy students with some financial assistance. These scholarships are awarded to the academically bright, economically disadvantaged, intelligent and self-motivated students.